I’m Holly, mum to James, 4 and Sam, 2. In September 2013, James was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Life with James is often a challenge, but despite this there isn’t a day that he doesn’t bring a smile to my face.


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  1. So many of your comments re James behaviour towards Sam I understand, my eldest now lives with me as it was the only way he (we) could all cope. Horrible to do yet 100% the correct decision, a happy eldest means a happier (safer) family. Trust your instincts,no course knows your son(s) better than you do

  2. Thank you for your blog – I find it very interesting and it helps me with insight into ASD. I only recently started working with Autistic Adults as a support worker and prior to that only had brief experience with autistic children in a mainstream school setting.

  3. This is such a lovely blog and it has really enlightened me on alot of issues. I will sharing the link with friends and colleagues. This is so important for people to read

  4. Just read your post in the Times – we run a Support Group in Clevedon – please do get in touch Twitter name @wuisasmum.xx

  5. Thanks so much for this information we picked it up from the Times in Nailsea yesterday when we were researching for my daughter in Australia who has a 3 year old son who is autistic.

  6. Dont know if we have come across each other, but Bella is autistic non verbal and is 6. She went to Springboard and now is at Ravenswood.

    • Hi! I’m not sure whether we met at Springboard, but I have met Bella! She is just gorgeous! James has a bit of a soft spot for her I think. Thanks so much for getting in touch, I don’t very often get to meet the other parents at school as James gets transport. x

  7. Hi Holly,

    It is great to read your blog I feel like iam not alone. My son is 3 and has similar sleep challenges. Is there anything that helped James sleep better? Is he sleeping better these days?

    Any suggestions is really appreciated!


    • Hi Nancy thanks for reading. Things are definitely better these days, but it involved investing in a safe space (google it!) very expensive but sometimes you can get funding for them. Melatonin helps enormously but only at getting him to sleep- not keeping him asleep. But being ‘contained’ in the safe space seems to calm him and at least I know he can’t get up to any mischief! Best of luck, things do get easier x

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