A Bit of Shameless Self Promotion

Hi Readers!

Many of you have commented, either on the blog or in person, that you’ve enjoyed reading Do You Speak Autism.

I’d just like to say how grateful I am. When I started writing this blog, I had no idea how it would be received, but the response  has been simply overwhelming. It means so much to me to be told that my posts have helped other autism parents facing similar issues to those we have faced; and I’m incredibly proud whenever it is fed back to me that I’ve increased awareness and understanding of autism. I’m also very flattered when people tell me that my writing draws them in, or makes them laugh!

With this in mind, I have a tiny favour to ask.

The Brilliance in Blogging (BIB) awards 2015 are currently in the nomination phase and I would be super, super grateful if you lovely people could nominate me in the Fresh Voices category.

It only takes a couple of minutes to fill out the nomination form which can be found here.

You will be asked for the URL for this blog, which is https://doyouspeakautism.wordpress.com (so you can copy and paste this in). Also if you aren’t following me on Twitter- my username is @hollygaunt30.
Thank you all so much for reading and all the support you’ve given me so far. If you keep reading, I’ll keep writing!
Holly x
p.s. – sharing is caring so please give me a like, share or retweet – thankyou!

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